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JBarnes Consulting

JBarnes Consulting is an LLC founded by New Orleans native and retired Director of Global Community Relations of The UPS Foundation, Jerald Barnes.


Our Purpose

Our purpose is to transform community engagement for small- and medium-sized businesses across the U.S. We help companies deepen employee engagement and strengthen the company’s relationships within the communities in which they operate.


Our Mission

JBarnes Consulting transforms community engagement for small and medium-size business across the U.S. Our evidence and experience-based approach helps you design and deploy community involvement strategies that deepen employee engagement and advance company relationships in the community.


Our Vision

Our vision is that every small- and medium-sized business across the U.S. will have community relations as a strategic imperative in their organization and that JBarnes Consulting will be the partner of choice in developing and implementing community strategies, initiatives and plans.



Clients will benefit from the proven methods used to implement world-class programs.


JBarnes Consulting will:

• Design and deliver a strategy that aligns to your business’ goals

• Design and implement volunteer programs connected to your company’s expertise

• Develop senior executives to lead community relations as a strategic imperative

• Identify training, measurement, and events that inspire and motivate employees


Goals JBarnes Consulting will:

• Develop community relations professionals that get results.

• Develop community relations leaders that inspire the entire workforce to support the community strategy.

• Help leaders understand the value and opportunities a well-developed and executed community relations strategy brings to a company.

• To help small- and medium-sized businesses achieve recognition for a strategic, aligned, and robust community relations program that aligns with key business outcomes.


Service Offerings

We offer a full menu of services designed to have the most significant effect on your community, company, and employees. Our approach considers your entire organization, including culture, the workforce from senior executives to front-line employees, brand, marketing, and sales, as well as desired community impact.

Greatest Strength

A social responsibility pioneer, thought-leader, and valued member of The UPS Foundation’s executive team, Jerald has been promoted to mission-critical roles and led world-class global community initiatives designed to drive change and engage employees. He served as a trailblazer in corporate responsibility for a Fortune 100 company and trained engineers and many community relations professionals. His experience and training with Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship have provided him with tools needed to advance your community relations mission.

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Jerald Barnes Biography: After a 40-year career with the world’s largest and most efficient logistics company, community engagement pioneer Jerald Barnes retired from The UPS Foundation as the Global Community Relations and Employee Engagement Director.

Unloading trucks for UPS in New Orleans, Louisiana while working his way through college, Jerald Barnes never could have imagined he was embarking on a career that would take him to the highest levels of the world’s largest and most respected transportation and logistics company.

Jerald accomplished a well-rounded career which included assignments in, industrial engineering, operations, human resources, training, employee relations, community relations, and The UPS Foundation. As an Industrial Engineer, Jerald implemented flow control, cost analysis, Return on Investments, break-even, audits, and measurement projects. After being assigned to the Corporate Industrial Engineering Department in Atlanta, Ga., Jerald led a team responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training top Industrial Engineers from Universities around the U.S.   

An alumnus of the University of New Orleans, Jerald earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics and received a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. UPS sponsored Jerald to attend the prestigious Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship (BCCCC) for extensive training, where he completed all three of the center’s rigorous certification programs.

A social responsibility pioneer, thought-leader, and valued member of executive teams, Jerald has been promoted to mission-critical roles and led world-class global community initiatives designed to drive change and engage employees. He served as a trailblazer for UPS to many communities and groups; collaborating with high profile private, community, and civic organizations.

Jerald was assigned to The UPS Foundation where he led a team of community relations managers around the world. He has repeatedly been called upon to lead special community relations projects. This talent gave Jerald the ability to analyze, evaluate, and develop sustainable solutions to community issues around the globe. His commitment to volunteerism, philanthropy, training, diversity, inclusion, and measurement are critical factors to his success. Jerald is a Board member of Louisiana Disaster Recovery Alliance and a member of The National Black MBA Association and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. 

​In 2019 Jerald launched JBarnes Consulting, LLC with a mission to transform community engagement for small- and medium-sized businesses across the U.S. His evidence and experience-based approach helps design and deploy community involvement strategies that deepen employee engagement and advance company relationships in the community. Services include strategic planning, community relations, employee engagement, and philanthropy. Call today for a few consultations.

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We develop community

relations strategies that will

help your company deeply

engage with your community.

We develop, hands-on

training for your community

relation teams using proven tools

and techniques.

We develop your community

relations leaders to inspire

their teams to find solutions

that aligns with company expertise

and community needs.

We implement your community

relations plans across your organization

from the C-suites to front-line employees.

We develop tools that measure

your results connected to critical

business competencies like sales, stratifications, and retention.


Click each topic for more information

Strategic Planning
• SWOT Assessments
• Staff Assessments
• Goals and Measurement
Return on Investment
• Initiative Development
Nonprofit Collaboration

Community Relations
• Strategy Development
Contingency Planning
• Training
• Branding
• Executive Development

Community Relations
• Strategy Development
Contingency Planning
• Training
• Branding
• Executive Development

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Employee Engagement
• Employee Engagement
• Volunteer Programs
Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
• Event and Conference Planning
• Skilled-based Volunteer


• Budget Development
Budget Alignment
• Budget Processing
• Long term Budget Planning

• Budget Development
Budget Alignment
• Budget Processing
• Long term Budget Planning


Strategic Planning

 A solid strategy is foundational to align your community relations plan to your business goals. We will help you develop a short- and long-term community strategy that considers your culture, operational model, marketing, sales, human resources, and employee engagement goals. The services below will be used to help you yield your desired results.

SWOT Assessments – A detailed analysis of your current community engagement that highlights Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

Staff Assessments – A detailed analysis of your community staff’s current skill-sets, as well as identify critical indicators of their ability to lead your community relations into the future.

Goals and Measurement – Set clear and measurable goals that are infused throughout the organization from top leaders to front-line employees. Short-term (3 – 18 months) and long-term (2 – 5 years) goals should support your company’s shared culture and core values. Goals should convey the community’s need and provide a clear description of the value your organization can bring to address the need. Goals should include business value, such as conversion rates.

Return on Investment (ROI) – Plans must include a clear outline of cost and how it will be funded. Goals must include those that identify value to the business, such as conversion rates.

Initiative Development – Developing initiatives that align with your community goals will ensure your business remains focused and provides the right resources at the right time. Initiative development will consider budgets, resources, community requests, and your company’s core competencies. Above all, those who will implement initiatives must own the plan, thereby owning the work.

Nonprofit Collaboration – Connecting to the right nonprofits that align with your company’s core competencies and expertise are a vital driver in making a significant impact in your community.

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Community Relations

• Strategy Development – To help you get started, we will work with you to create a clear and concise community strategy. Together we will identify key stakeholders and develop programs that place your brand in the right light. We will refine your strategy as information is uncovered to ensure your company continues to become a community leader.

• Contingency Planning – Preparing community relations plans that focus on issues within 10, 30, and 50 miles of your operating facilities are vital. We will help you build contingency plans to have your business prepared to help with the right resources and at the right time when adversity strikes.

• Training – The way your team engages employees, customers, and the community will be critical to your success, so training is essential. We can train your team where they are, whether in a classroom or during an actual community event. Our training programs are always easy to follow and focus on results. 

• Branding – Community involvement is a great way to market your company. We will help you identify how to use your company’s culture and core capabilities in your community activities to showcase your organization in a way that compliments your sales and marketing efforts.

• Executive Development – As your company becomes more visible in the community, senior executives will be expected to lead events. They must articulate a clear plan, have confidence in who they are meeting, a firm understanding of why they are there, and expert knowledge of what their company is offering. Our team will develop your senior executives to prepare them for these events and help them understand why community relations should be a strategic

imperative in your organization.

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Employee Engagement

• Employee engagement - Employee engagement means more than volunteerism. Engagement encompasses how an employee feels about the company and breeds a culture of volunteerism.

•  Volunteer programs – We design and implement small or large scale volunteer programs and projects connected to key business support function with the ability to measure key performance indices (kpi).

•  Disaster preparedness and Recovery – design a volunteer strategy for that support and improve your ability to respond and recover from disruptive events.

•  Event and Conference Planning – National or local nonprofit conferences build your company’s brand with speaking opportunities.

•  Skilled-based Volunteer programs – are designed to have an even greater social impact and employee experience

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Philanthropy - Philanthropy is a critical part of your community relations strategy. It supports projects and endeavors important to the community, employees and your company and it must be aligned and focused.

• Budget Development- developing functional budgets that are aligned with goals will have a meaning and lasting impact on your engagement strategy and must include both grants and charitable sponsorship.

• Budget Alignment – aligning budgets to business units for accountability and greater impact and provides greater employee participation. 

• Budget Processing – making sure to have all the key process in place to streamline touch points to make sure request are handled in a smooth effective and efficient way can increase your ability to support community issues without

burdening internal functions.

• Long term Budget Planning – designing budgets that grow and align as your company grows will make sure you remain a leader in your community responsibility while keeping senior leader visibility to your giving

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