Strategic Planning

 A solid strategy is foundational to align your community relations plan to your business goals. We will help you develop a short- and long-term community strategy that considers your culture, operational model, marketing, sales, human resources, and employee engagement goals. The services below will be used to help you yield your desired results.

• SWOT Assessments – A detailed analysis of your current community engagement that highlights Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.

• Staff Assessments – A detailed analysis of your community staff’s current skill-sets, as well as identify critical indicators of their ability to lead your community relations into the future.

• Goals and Measurement – Set clear and measurable goals that are infused throughout the organization from top leaders to front-line employees. Short-term (3 – 18 months) and long-term (2 – 5 years) goals should support your company’s shared culture and core values. Goals should convey the community’s need and provide a clear description of the value your organization can bring to address the need. Goals should include business value, such as conversion rates.

• Return on Investment (ROI) – Plans must include a clear outline of cost and how it will be funded. Goals must include those that identify value to the business, such as conversion rates.

• Initiative Development – Developing initiatives that align with your community goals will ensure your business remains focused and provides the right resources at the right time. Initiative development will consider budgets, resources, community requests, and your company’s core competencies. Above all, those who will implement initiatives must own the plan, thereby owning the work.

• Nonprofit Collaboration – Connecting to the right nonprofits that align with your company’s core competencies and expertise are a vital driver in making a significant impact in your community.