Uncharted Territory Solutions has the capability to train  Hazmat employees. This training is Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration authorized. Uncharted Territory Solutions will teach site-specific training, the curriculum will be designed to meet clients’ needs based on materials received, shipped, or on-site.  


The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) under the Department of Transportation require that Hazmat Employers* train all Hazmat Employees** within 90 days of starting in the position and conduct recurrent training every three years thereafter.  The Hazardous Materials Transportation course can be designed for personnel who will be preparing, packaging, shipping, or transporting hazardous materials. Course participants will learn applicable PHMSA/DOT requirements as well as principles of a systematic training program to ensure that hazmat employees are trained in the five areas required by 49 CFR 72 Subpart H: General awareness/familiarization, Function-specific, Safety, Security awareness, and In-Depth security if applicable.

* Hazmat Employer: a person who uses one or more employees regarding: transporting hazmat in commerce; causing hazmat to be transported or shipped in commerce; or designing, manufacturing, fabricating, inspecting, representing, marking, certifying, selling, offering, reconditioning, testing, repairing, or modifying packaging  for use in the transportation of hazmat.

** Hazmat Employee: a person employed by a hazmat employer, or person who is self-employed, and who directly affects hazmat transportation safety including: an owner-operator of a motor vehicle that transports hazmat; a person who: loads, unloads, or handles hazmat; designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, tests, reconditions, repairs, modifies, marks, or otherwise represents packaging as qualified for use in the transportation of hazmat; prepares hazmat for transportation; is responsible for safety of transporting hazmat; or operates a vehicle used to transport hazmat.